This site is dedicated to helping parents and families of children with congenital hydrocephalus. In addition to the usual medical definitions of what hydrocephalus is, we focus on how to take care of these children at home. We provide information on many aspects of hydrocephalus, including:
Medical Terms Explained
At Home Care
      What to Watch for With a Shunt
      Feeding Issues
      Baby Gear for Hydrocephalus
      Finding Access to Services
Personal Stories
This website was created by a Mom with the help of doctors, therapists and parents of children with hydrocephalus to provide a place where parents can find information on the care that is needed for these wonderful children. Everything is explained in plain English, in terms that the average person can understand without a medical background.

If you or your partner is pregnant and you have just received your diagnosis, then you might want to start here with general information about what hydrocephalus is and for a basic education on the brain. The section entitled "Pregnancy Info" will help you understand what will happen during the months before the child is born and what may be different about the birth.

Legal Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to make certain that the information contained in this website is accurate, it must be remembered that the content is managed by a parent, not by a doctor. Information contained here is for general support purposes only and is no substitute for the care of a physician.