One of the most common searches that lead people to this website is "pictures of babies with hydrocephalus" or some variation on that idea. The truth of the matter is that when the doctor starts describing big heads and such with a pregnant Mom or Dad, it's hard to understand just what this might mean for how your child may look when they are born or later in life. I know I did this very search myself and mostly what I found were pictures from the 1920's of untreated hydrocephalus that do not really reflect what is likely to happen since shunts were invented in the 1960's. So, to give you a better picture of what these kiddos really look like over time, I would love to present the following beautiful/handsome children whose Mommy's have been kind enough to share their pictures:

Birth 11 months old 3 and a half years

Birth One month old Two and a half years

Birth 9 months old Not quite 3 years old

1 day old 9 months old 2 years old

Birth 7 months old Not quite 2 years

One day old 11 months old Two years old

Birth One year old Two years old

Birth Five Months old Fifteen Months old

Birth One Year Old Two Years Old

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