There is a phenomenal amount of research into how to repair brain damage going on at this time. In addition to the work being done by Dr. Kurtzberg with cord blood which is described on the Cord Blood page on the menu at the left, there are many other researchers working on other methods. This research is very exciting for parents hoping that eventually there will be some way to repair the damage done by hydrocephalus. On this page I will try to show some of the most promising research projects that I have found.
There are several groups working with various gels that provide a medium to allow new brain matter to grow. The link below contains information on this promising research.

Discovery News

Another promising area of research is in using adult stem cells. This team has used stem cells that were taken from the ventricle of an adult brain to produce a working network of neurons:

Vilhelm Magnus Laboratory

And below is a set of articles that discusses both hydrogel and adult stem cells:

Rice University

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