There are so many people that we need to thank for their support throughout our whole experience that I don't even know where to start. We of course want to thank our families for babysitting, moral support and helpful suggestions. We can't say enough for their support. The people at Tall Oaks Montessori School where our daughter goes were also just amazing. In the last month of the pregnancy and while we were in the hospital our then four year old daughter had a lot to deal with. They helped in many small and big ways to keep her happy while we dealt with Owen.

There is Dr. Kurtzberg who helped us not only with the cord blood infusion, but in many other ways with coordinating people and just showing us she cared.

Dr. Grant did a great job putting in Owen's shunt and took the time to check up on Owen personally often while we were in the hospital and afterwards. He has also been incredibly helpful in creating this website and the survey. He is a great advocate for kids with hydrocephalus.

There is Dora the physical therapist at Duke who not only made us foam thingies for Owen's comfort, she showed me how to be comfortable holding Owen and most importantly she listened and she advocated for Owen with the doctors. Sabrina and Tricia the speech and occupational therapists who helped get Owen off the feeding tube and completely feeding on his own. They also were a tremendous help in advocating for Owen with the doctors. Cathy the lactation consultant kept the milk flowing and kept me laughing. There were many nurses in the hospital and I'll never remember their names, but I will remember the ones that thought to take pictures, heat up a bottle so that I could get an extra 20 minutes of sleep or change a diaper in the middle of the night.

There have been many people since we got home as well. Nicole the physical therapist who keeps Owen moving and developing and whose upbeat personality keeps us hopeful.

Mostly though, we'd like to thank everyone for their prayers. So many people, many of whom we have never even met and just heard about him through our friends and family, have prayed for Owen's well being. We are certain in our hearts that these prayers are the reason that he has done so well. For this we thank each and every person that said a prayer on his behalf.

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