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Aw Poo!
Nope, it's not the poo.  Just a quick's not the tummy tract that has been making Owen miserable for the last month and a half.  The GI doc looked at his x-rays today and said that the insides are clean. We've now checked the shunt, cochlear implant and intestines - that only leaves one thing: his seizure meds. 

Recently I found more information about the possible side effects of Keppra.  When you look at the initial list from the drug websites they say "possible mood changes".  When you check the newsgroups however you start to read about something affectionately called "Keppra Rage".  For the last month and a half - since before Owen's surgery, Owen's mood has not been great.  We get a few good hours here and there, but for the most part he has been really cranky.  It progressed from just a bad mood to actually biting his hands, other people's hands, scratching himself and generally showing Hulk-like anger.  We assumed that this was from tummy pain, because that is what has always caused his bad moods in the past. He can't tell us what is wrong, so we have to guess.  And that is also why we've tested every bit of hardware on his body and x-rayed his tummy. 

I started asking other parents and other docs about Keppra and they all agree that in some people it really causes uncontrollable fits of anger.  We have an appointment with the neurologist on Friday to discuss other possibilities for seizure control medications.  I want my happy boy back!
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