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A Quiet Night

Last night was a pretty quiet one.  Owen slept on and off all night long.  He started to run a fever in the late evening so we've been giving him some Motrin to stay on top of that.  A temperature is expected within the first few days after any surgery that requires general anesthesia and isn't an issue. 

Owen is definitely sore, but he's needing less and less morphine now.  He went from 1:00am to 10:00am without any morphine, but they gave him some at 10:00 because they were taking him down for a CT scan and moving still causes him quite a bit of pain.  The scan went fine.  Dr. Fearon (the plastic surgeon) said that it looked good and cleared him to go to the regular floor.  Dr. Swift (neurosurgeon) just called and said that he agreed that the CT looked awesome. 

Owens numbers all look good.  He's keeping his hemoglobin up on his own so it doesn't look like he'll need another transfusion.  They took his cather out this morning and he's very happy about that.  They took out his arterial line (an IV that is hooked into an artery rather than into a vein.  It is used to continuously monitor blood pressure.) in anticipation of being released from the PICU.  Owen ate a good breakfast and has kept it down.  Last night he had some juice and then thought better of it and returned it back from whence it came.  He seems to be over that now.  At the moment he is resting comfortably.

Right now he only wants to lay on one side.  They have told us that we will have to start being meanies and forcing him to turn over so that his head doesn't end up oddly shaped.

We have had a number of people ask "where are the bandages?".  They don't use bandages here.  They believe that covering up wounds just traps bacteria and promotes infection.  Since they have an incredibly low infection rate here I am inclined to accept their word on that.  They just come along every few hours with some peroxide and Bacitracin to put on the stitches.  They also don't cut any hair when they do the surgery, so he isn't missing a big strip down the middle.  

I'll close with a couple of pictures that I took this morning.  The swelling is starting to increase (as is expected) so his head is looking a bit bigger and his left eye isn't opening quite as much as the left.  He's still looking great for what he has been through and the nurse tells us that he has less swelling than a lot of kids do at this point. 

Here is Owen signing for breakfast, or trying to with his bandages:


And some current views of his head:



But in the end,  he's still the same affectionate little boy:


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