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Fun with OT And a New Word!
Owen has really come to love OT in recent weeks.  I think it's mostly due to the introduction of the platform swing. He loves this thing. 


He is working on propping himself on his arms and the swing makes him do it at all different angles.  It's quite a workout, but he just thinks it's fun.  Here is a little video of him on the swing.  It's a bit overexposed, and he looks very serious because he can hear someone crying in the next room, but you can really see how much he has improved in his body control in this position:


He also really enjoyed sitting on Rody:



He is making such awesome progress lately, and here is another example.  Today we have started to say a new word.  He has Mama down pat now and uses it all the time.  I noticed the other day that he was saying something similar at mealtimes, but that he didn't seem to mean Mama. And then I noticed that he was signing "more" at the same time and I finally realized that he was trying to say "more".  He doesn't have it quite perfect yet, but it's only one syllable instead of the two repeated for Mama, and it sounds different - it's more like a "mo" than a "ma".  The biggest thing though, is that in this video we are getting him to say it on demand.  This is a huge step to teaching him because normally he won't vocalize when we ask.  Of course he's doing it more to get the cookie than to please us, but I'll take what I can get :-)

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