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Before we get to the GI appointment from this morning, I thought I would share a few pictures from last week's joint therapy session with Owen's PT Nacol and his OT Vesna.  They are working together to come up strategies for increasing Owen's arm strength.  They really worked well together.  In fact it went so well that they are planning on doing a joint session every month.  I think it was definitely worthwhile:






You will also notice the student who is helping.  I am very sorry to say that I cannot remember her name, but she is currently making the rounds with Nacol and she is very nice.

OK, so on to today's GI procedures.  We are still struggling with Owen's reflux and constipation.  Thank you to all for the suggestions that we have been getting.  We did switch him to Miralax and that has been working much better than the Milk of Magnesia that he had been on.  We had hoped that the reflux would improve when the constipation did, but no such luck.  So this morning, in an effort to try and figure out why he is having all of these problems, his local GI ordered an upper endoscopy where they look down from the top to make sure that there is no damage there, a flexible sigmoidoscopy - where they put the scope up the other end to see what is happening down there, and a number of biopsies to test for nerve function, inflammation and allergies.

The procedures went well with no complications.  They put the mask over Owen's face and he grinned up at me as he went under.  30 minutes later the doctor was coming back in.  The doctor redeemed himself a bit from the last appointment (see my post from
two weeks ago) Maybe he was just having a really bad day the last time we went in.  He took the time to show me the pictures that he had taken with the endoscope.  These are the pictures taken from the upper endoscope:


Yes, those are bubbles in the picture of the fundus.  And here are the pictures from the flexible sigmoidoscopy (aka lower endoscopy):


The white stuff is just food.  He said that everything looked good, with no obvious problems, or inflammations.  He took a number of biopsies though, because sometimes the cells will show things that the eye cannot see.  However it doesn't seem that there is anything seriously wrong at this point.  We discussed the possibility of surgery for the reflux, but he wants to see about the possibility of it being an as yet undetected allergy causing it first.  I also discussed our upcoming appointment at Duke with him.  I still feel that it is very important for us to have a GI down there, because we have had GI problems the last two times that Owen was hospitalized there and it has been difficult to deal with them because his only GI was up here.  The local guy was actually pleased that we were doing this and offered to help get the results from today's tests down there as quickly as possible.

So, we wait until the results come back next week before we can really know anything.  Then the week after we go down to Duke.  And now, since we had to be at the hospital - 40 minutes away from home - at 5:45 AM, I am going to head to bed.  Good night!
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