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Happy Kiddo Again

I have to admit that today's entry is more to test a couple of new features than anything else, but it is a good excuse to put up a couple of pictures and give a quick update on Owen.  The features that I have added are ones that you can't really see. The first was to put in a way to update the blog from my phone.  While we were in the hospital a few weeks ago, I realized that I couldn't update the blog because I didn't have my laptop with me. I rely on the blog to tell the family (and friends) when things are happening during surgery, etc. My brother was kind enough to add updates for me (thanks!) but it would be nice to be able to add quick things from my phone. 

The second feature that was obviously missing during our hospital stay was that of having the blog automatically send out an email to subscribers when I added a post.  My brother could add updates, but I had to call everyone to tell them to look for them because he didn't have the email list.  So if all goes well, an email will automatically be sent out to all of the subscribers when I hit the "Add Post" button. 

So, enough about the technical stuff - the real question everyone wants the answer to is: How is Owen doing?  The answer is that he is doing fabulously!  The new shunt is definitely agreeing with him.  We also called the GI doc to get some advice on cleaning out the intestinal tract because he keeps getting so backed up.  Well, 3 days of enemas and magnesium citrate - followed by several days of 3 tbl of Milk of Magnesia - followed by even more days of 2 tbl of Milk of Magnesia have really improved Owen's outlook on life!  It has also caused Pampers' stock to go up by $1.

So Owen has been nothing but smiles and laughs for the last two weeks.  It has been great, especially after several weeks of him being miserable.  He has now figured out that the walker doesn't only work in the room that he starts out in.  He's a Man About Town lately and gates have been put up at the stairwells.  He cruises from room to room with ease now.  He is also "talking" up a storm lately.  Lots of new sounds and non-stop babbling.  I have some video that I will try to put together in the next few days. 

And, of course, there must be pictures.  Below is Owen in the T-Shirt that I bought him for Earth Day last year.  I just love it!


That one was taken a few days ago.  Today I caught a few of Owen hanging out in the walker out in the kitchen.  We don't have the blanket attached to the poles for head support anymore, but we have found the poles useful to hang toys on.  The eyes looking down on him are on the hat that went to the spider Halloween costume.  The hat is too small for his big head, but he likes to look at anything with a face and he "talks" to it all the time.  You will also notice that I have added rubber bumpers to the sides of the walker.  The hard oak and the bolts were doing damage to the furniture.  I have also had to replace the wheels.  Owen spends almost all day in the walker now, and he wore out the first set!  I put some more heavy duty models on this time, hoping that they will last a bit longer.


I love my Slinky!


My Happy Boy is Back!



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