The Amazing Owen
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Hi Michelle glad to hear Owen is doing ok when Brandon had the chiari decompression a very small dose of Valium because all those muscles they cut get tight! Hope this is helpful we continue to Pray for all of you and pain relief for Owen! Blessings! Tabitha
Comment By Tabitha packet At 3/17/2012 1:41 PM
Go Owen go!! He looks great!!!!
Comment By Melissa jarrell At 3/17/2012 5:11 PM

Original Entry:
Well, there had originally been some talk about sending us home today, but Owen was still not putting out quite enough in diapers and he was running just a slight fever and he woke up this morning rather upset from pain.  So it was decided that he needed one more day to be sure that he was ready.

Yesterday we had the fun of a few visitors.  Dana Cotten and her wonderful son Blake came to visit.  I'm really sorry that we didn't take any pictures, but Owen was not in a good mood at all.  Still though, we were getting stir crazy and sit was good to have a distraction.  Later that evening my brother and his family came over.  They brought us dinner from our favorite local restaurant - Spartacus.  It was soooo yummy! And we did attempt a picture, but Owen was only sort of cooperating


It was great to see them again, and we really enjoyed dinner. 

Owen has perked up considerably this afternoon.  I think that it really helped that PT came by and got him out of the room for a bit to stretch out.  He also got his first try at walking.  One of the big things that we were hoping to get out of the surgery was some improvement in his balance so we were anxious to try it.  We know that it will take time to help even if it does help out a lot in the long run, so we are trying not to read too much into today's experience.  But we both felt that he *might* have had some better balance today than he has in the past.  I took a little video so that we'd have something to compare to later.

So hopefully things will progress and we'll get to go home tomorrow.  He has done much better since getting him somewhere where he could walk and stretch his legs.

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