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Good Morning from the PICU!
Owen did well through the night.  He has had a fair bit of pain, but they are being generous with the pain meds.  This morning they have taken out his arterial line and his catether.  There has been a bit of a question about his hemoglobin which apparently is borderline for a transfusion, but since his oxygen and blood pressure are fine they are just going to wait and see on that for a while.  There hasn't been any drainage from the site which is good.  His dura was so thin that they had to use a pretty big patch in order to get out to stuff that was thick enough to attach to so we're watching for leakage.  Dr. Grant says that he stitches it up under a microscope so it shouldn't leak.

He is on Vancomycin as a preventative antibiotic and toradal and oxycodone for pain - along with morphine if needed, but he seems to be holding his own without it now.  

Here is a blurry picture from last night, you can see that he was still pretty puffy from the fluids, but he playing with his book and not doing too badly:

I have downloaded a nifty photo editing app for the iPad and got a little artsy with the picture that I took this morning.  It's dark in here so it came out grainy, but with it smoothed out and made black and white it's not too bad:

He's just quietly watching cartoons and hanging out in between snoozes this morning.  The plan is to move him out to the regular floor sometime today.  

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