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A little bit of drama

Every now and then Owen likes to remind us of how much we should enjoy and appreciate the smooth days when there is nothing wrong.  Owen had been really cranky for about a week.  By Wednesday and Thursday he wouldn't really let you put him in his walker or high chair, he just wanted to be held.  I had also noticed a raised spot on his skull - as though the bone had been pushed up - during his bath a few days before.  So I had sent an email to Dr. Grant, our neurosurgeon, and we both thought that it might be worth coming down on Monday (that will be the 12th) for a quick CT to make sure that all was well.

It seemed that his shunt was working, his posterior fontanelle (the one in the back) is still open and there would be a puddle when he laid down which would disappear when he sat up - which is as it should be.  We also knew that he had been quite constipated again for most of the week.  We thought that we had cleared that out, but  his mood hadn't improved.

So on Friday I put Owen and Sammy in the car to head down to Greensboro (just over 2 hours away) for speech therapy.  We made it about a half an hour out when Owen threw up all over and then went right to sleep - and didn't wake up when I opened up the door and let the cold air in to check on him.  He seemed to be breathing OK, so thankfully I don't think he aspirated!  With all of the other signs the past week though I felt that I had reached my limit of what could wait to be checked out.  As it happened I was only about 10 minutes away from the hospital with the PICU so I detoured into the ER there and called Daddy to come meet us.  I was not chancing another aspiration by trying to take him all the way to Duke.  They could airlift us if he needed surgery.

When we took Owen out of the car and put him in the stroller he finally woke up and seemed fairly alert.  They took us in right away and we had a CT within 20 minutes.  They have just rebuilt the whole pediatrics area and it is now a really nice facility.  No more waiting in curtained corrals like at the old ER, now you have private rooms to wait in.  They had a copy of his last CT scan (these are important little details to remember, have a copy with you in the car of the last MRI or CT, and also make sure your local hospital has a copy if your primary care is hours away like ours is) and when they compared it everything looked the same.  They also did a shunt series and found that the shunt system seemed intact.  The ER pediatrician was just awesome, we really liked her. She called Dr. Grant and he said that if everything looked OK to send us home, but that we should keep our appointment in his clinic on Monday.  By this time Owen was more or less his happy little self so we packed up and headed home.

We still felt that something wasn't quite right, but at least we were narrowing down the possibilities.  We thought we had cleaned out the intestines earlier in the week, but it was becoming clear that perhaps this wasn't the case.  By Friday it had once again been several days since the last poo and he was doing a lot of arching his back, having reflux and wanting to lay out flat.  So it was time to break out the Milk of Magnesia to make sure that there wasn't anything blocking up the works.  You see, if there is enough backed up into the intestine it not only makes the kid miserable and can cause damage on its own, but it can also put pressure on the end of the shunt catheter that is in his belly and cause it to stop up intermittently. 

The last time he got really blocked up the GI doctor told us to give him 2 tablespoons of milk of magnesia spread out over the day and to keep this up for about a week, slowly weaning him down to just a teaspoon a day.  So out came the big blue bottle and down the hatch it went.  He loves the cherry flavor, go figure because I can't stand the stuff.  It was dinnertime by the time we started giving it to him, so he didn't produce anything that evening.

On Saturday I started giving him doses bright and early.  By three o'clock in the afternoon I had given him 4 teaspoons (1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon) when the dam finally broke.  We changed diapers from then until about 8:00 pm with only a few small breaks.  When he finally slowed down at about 7:30 pm I put him in his walker and he didn't fight me at all.  He loves his walker, it means freedom, but he had been cramping so badly that he wouldn't sit in it for the previous two days.

So hopefully that's it.  We're going to keep our appointment tomorrow, because if I have a CT scan I will most certainly want Dr. Grant's opinion on it.  The ER pediatrician was awesome and made sure that we left with CD's of the CT and shunt series and also films of both, just in case they couldn't read the CD at Duke.  Hopefully he will see the same as the ER docs did and it will turn out that he was just really backed up.

Have a wonderful Sunday and I'll write more tomorrow evening after our appointment.

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