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Owen has the best looks. His intense stare (like in the photo with the puzzle), that one is my favorite! He is so cute!
Comment By Kristen At 2/26/2012 12:03 PM

Original Entry:
Surgery Dates and New Features
So firstly I realized that I had never updated the blog with the actual surgery date.  Owen will have his Chiari decompression surgery on March 14th.  While I understand that it is a totally unrealistic idea - I just wish that when you decide to have surgery that they could put you on the schedule for the next day.  The month and a half of waiting is really hard to do, but I think that over the years I have gotten at least a little bit better at it.  It at least gives us some time to prepare and get things in order so that we can concentrate on just the surgery and the recovery if we have all of the other daily stuff taken care of.

Part of the preparation is putting in a bit of time upgrading this blog.  It doesn't really look much different, but emails have not been going out with the updates lately (who knows what they did on the servers to make that stop working) and I got that fixed (I hope).  I also have really wanted to add the ability to have the blog show up in News Readers and to have the update times work properly for those using a Blog List in their Blogger Blog (say that three times fast).  I have finally managed that.  You can follow the link on the right that says "RSS Feed" and copy the address from there into your Blog List widget on Blogger, or into your News Reader or you can just copy it here: 

Otherwise we're just hanging out and enjoying the wildly swinging weather. One day we're laughing in the sun:


And even getting to have our lessons with Ms. Pat outside:




With big thanks to Ms. Pat for being a good sport and joining in the outside fun!

But then in the blink of an eye we were out playing in the snow...


Not a bad way to pass the time!

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