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Here We Go Again
My pronouncement that the clean out was successful may have been somewhat premature.  Owen certainly improved after the hospital visit, but he never quite got fully better.  He stopped sleeping all day long for a little while, but then he got pneumonia because he had aspirated during the last clean out and of course he slept a lot with that.  And he perked up after we got him the antibiotics.   But then he started having massive pain again.  And the day before yesterday he started sleeping all day again.  So yesterday we brought him into the GI.  His regular one and our backup guy were both out so we saw the nurse practitioner.  Very nice lady.  She declared that he was full of poo after examining him and sent him off for an xray.  Then she called us and said the x-ray confirmed that he was full of poo.  The hospital was full and it was late in the day so she said they would see if they could get us a bed in the morning.  Called this morning, still no beds, come to the ER. 

So to the ER we went.  We waited for about 2 hours and then the doc came down.  We haven't met this GI before, he's the third one in the practice.  I don't like him.  He started out by saying that he didn't think that Owen was backed up at all and that he was just screaming because he didn't want to push.  This isn't out of the realm of possibility, but I asked why it was that both the NP and I both saw lots of poo and why therefore didn't he.  He said that Oh yes, he has lots and lots of poo, but it just isn't severely impacted.  I explained that since Owen has had very little solids to eat that the poo that he is seeing has survived a full 4 liters of go-lytely, double the adult dose daily for two weeks of Miralax, senna, magnesium citrate, you name it and that what little comes out looks like beach sand.  He again said that yes he's full of poo but that it wasn't all that hard.  OK.  Then he did a rectal exam and said that he didn't feel anything there either. Then he said he wanted us to go home and try more laxatives and more stimulants and see how that goes.  I said I wasn't going to try more of that stuff until he was cleaned out because we had already tried all of that.  Then he said that they still don't have any beds for him so they can't really do a clean out for him now anyway.  I told him that I was NOT taking him home screaming like he is in pain.  That I have had to keep him on Ativan for the last few days because otherwise he is frantic in pain and that they really need to fix it.  He reinterated that Owen is not in pain and that the screaming is behavioral.  I flat out told him that he was wrong.  I can easily believe that Owen is afraid to push, but I do think that after 5 years I can at least tell when he's just pitching a fit and when he's in pain. I asked him if the go-lytely given again would be able to clean it out, since they had determined that last time they gave it way too fast and it didn't have a chance to fully do the job.  He mumbled something that the floor that I couldn't understand and I couldn't figure out whether he meant yes or no that it would help.

He then said that they would see what they could do and left the room.  I was thoroughly confused.  How does one person tell me that it's terrible and the next say there is nothing wrong, especially since I can SEE that something is wrong?  I called the nurse, because they generally know better what is happening and told her that I was feeling a bit lost and could someone please explain to me why I was getting two different stories.  I didn't want to be pushing for a clean out if that wasn't going to work and wasn't what was needed, but that I couldn't accept that somehow more laxatives were suddenly going to work.  She said that the doc had just come out and said that the kid really needs a clean out and could they please find him a bed.  I guess the whole thing came down to the idea that they really wanted us to come back on Monday and I really am sick and tired of being told that my kid has to be in pain or has to seize or whatever it is this week because the docs don't have time/room for him.  And yes, he is in pain no matter what this guy says. 

The upshot of all this is that they have found a broom closet or something that they say he can have.  I'm really hoping that we can get my little man happy again soon.  I know that this doc probably now has a dart board up with my picture on it...but Momma Bear just isn't listening to any more excuses.  I know that there are other sick kids here.  I know that they all need help and I certainly don't want to take a bed from someone else, but they need to figure out a way to help all of them and not just expect a 5 year old to endure 3 more days of pain. 
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