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That was a neat interview! I hopped over and watched the video.
Comment By Kristen At 8/2/2011 8:08 AM

Original Entry:
Owen and Jigsaw Become Celebraties

In my last post I gave a link for an article that was done in a local newspaper, the Salem Times-Register which was a very nice article giving an overview of our life with Jigsaw.  A local TV station saw the article and decided that it would be nice to do a news story on us as well.  They came out and filmed today at our house and aired the story tonight.  You can see the whole story as it aired here on the WDBJ7 website.

Many thanks to Meg Hibbert from the Salem Times Register and to David Kaplan at WDBJ7 for taking the time to get to know our family and to spread the word about these amazing dogs and the difference that they can make in our lives.

And of course, we send out many thanks to the incredible people at Saint Francis.  You can view their website to get more information or to make a donation here.


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