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An Ode To Jigsaw

An Ode To Jigsaw
By Mommy

It was hard to hear the doctor say
I'm sorry the seizures are here to stay.

We had to watch him day and night
Never did he leave our sight
Restful sleep, a thing of the past
Mommy and Daddy were fading fast.

At a loss for what to do
We searched the web to find a clue.
The answer posted on a blog:
What you need is a special dog.

This answer seemed to feel just right,
So we filled out the form on the site.
It wasn't very long at all
Before St. Francis gave us the call.

What to expect we weren't quite sure,
But the thought of sound sleep was a powerful lure.
A bark to tell us when a seizure began
Was all that we needed and that was the plan.

Our simple plan just grew and grew
As Jigsaw showed what she could do.
Retrieving meds when he started to seize
This and more she did with ease.

What we never thought of at the start
Was just how much she could touch the heart.
Kisses for Owen when he's had a bad day,
Telling Sammy she's always ready to play.

Walking the dog may not seem like much fun
But now every day I get to play in the sun.
And Daddy I think would freely concur
That there's nothing better than a friend with fur.

So thank you Jigsaw for all that you do
For we have been Blessed by the presence of you.







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