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I have to say, this post was just for me, for I am no where near tired of Jigsaw entries. She looks so incredibly comfortable at your house, right at home among you. I giggled over the part of Owen wanting to eat the dog food. It's incredibly fascinating how well trained and smart these kind of dogs are.
Comment By Kristen At 3/26/2011 12:06 AM
It appears to be a perfect match.
Comment By Grandma Q At 3/26/2011 8:47 AM

Original Entry:
Yup, More Jigsaw
If you're getting tired of Jigsaw pictures, this entry is not for you.  It's kinda what's happening here at the Higgins' household at the moment and so I've gotten out the camera again!

But first though, I want to share a few pictures taken by Elizabeth (one of the trainers working with us) yesterday.  She got some excellent pictures of Owen and Jigsaw together with one of his toys. This toy is covered with buttons, each of which does something different.  Owen loves the buzzers.  The cool thing is that you can ask Jigsaw to "bump" things by pointing at them.  So we had her bump the buttons while Owen was pushing them.  It was really cute:



And here is Owen playing with Jigsaw's vest:


And finally, I have a goofy expression on my face, but I absolutely LOVE the expression on Jigsaw's face - this is how she looks when she's very alert and just waiting for the next thing she can try:


So, now we're up to today - Jigsaw's second day with us.   Here are Owen and Jigsaw hanging out in the living room:


And Owen learning how to dump the food into the bowl.  Pouring is not an OT task that Owen has, so I'm hoping that this will help him learn - and if Owen helps to feed Jigsaw it will stregthen their bond.  Eventually Sammy will help get Owen to do this task, but tonight she was busy making us pancakes for a "breakfast dinner" so I helped Owen tonight.  She did take a quick break from her cooking to take this nice picture though:


Mostly Owen wanted to eat the food, but I'm hoping repetition will help him to understand what we're doing.  And Jigsaw is waiting patiently.  Normally you'd probably make her "sit" while she waits for the food, but the poor girl can't sit on our kitchen floor.  She tries awfully hard, but it's slippery and if it's more than a few seconds her back end just slides right out from under her.  So we go for a "down" instead.

After she ate her dinner she decided to help Sammy and I make our dinner by keeping the kitchen floor warm:


When the flash went off she looked up as if to say, "Yes, can I help you?".


While cute, this was not the most ergonomic setup so I threw down a towel to give her a "place" while we cooked so that she could stay nearby, but not block the fridge:


It's rather useful that you can just put down a towel or blanket or whatever and point to it and say "place" and she'll just settle down there.

And finally we got the kids into their PJ's and Owen said goodnight to Jigsaw: 




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