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How exciting. She is beautiful.
Comment By Grandma Q At 3/24/2011 9:32 PM
This is going to be fantastic for all of you! Just sitting here with a big grin :)
Comment By val At 3/25/2011 7:55 AM
Wow! This just continues to fascinate me. Jigsaw is so cool!
Comment By Kristen At 3/25/2011 8:48 AM

Original Entry:
Jigsaw the House Guest
Well, today was the day.  We have finally progressed far enough in our training to let Jigsaw spend a few days here at the house!  A proposition large enough to make one both excited and nervous.  It really does feel like bringing home a baby in a lot of ways.  I went out and bought a bed, toys, food and made her place ready for her next to Owen's bed.  Thoughts of "it's going to be great" mix with "I'm responsible for this living being"!  Yup, very much like bringing home a new baby.

The kids (Jigsaw included) are in bed now and all is quiet.  We actually had a really fun night. 

Right after the trainers left, I made dinner.  Jigsaw hung out in the kitchen while I got it together.  During dinner Jigsaw hung out "under" the table:


She had a snooze while we ate and when we were finished we took a little trip outside for the necessaries.  After dinner I decided that I should show Sammy and Daddy the "help" command, because it might be incredibly useful if Owen should have a seizure while Jigsaw is with us.  The help command should work like this: you say "help", and then she should start barking and head off to find someone.  When that someone says "what" she should lead them back to you.  You can see where this would be incredibly helpful.  So Owen and I went up into Owen's room and Daddy and Sammy stayed downstairs in the living room.  As soon as I said "help" she barked and headed off.  She went into Sammy's room and didn't find anyone and saw me and looked for what to do.  I said help again and she barked and headed downstairs and found Daddy and brought him back to me. 

Then we chilled out for a while and I took this picture:


up in Owen's room.  After some chilling out she seemed like she wanted to play, so we showed Daddy the "find the duck game".  One of us would hide a stuffed duck somewhere upstairs (it's only three small rooms) and she would happily go off and find it.  I had her fetch some diapers (gave Owen an enema, ran out of diapers in my pile and she was happy to bring me more) and she got some good quality lovin' on.  Then she settled down for a while so that I could get Owen's meds ready and get him ready for bed. 

When I went to bring all of Owen's stuff upstairs I heard a little voice inside my head, which sounded remarkably like Leil's, saying "why are you going to make two trips up when Jigsaw can help you?".  Leil and I had worked with a bucket last week at the farm, and again with one of our buckets here on Tuesday.  We hadn't tried this exact thing, but since we had worked with this exact bucket I decided to listen to the voice.  I put owen's meds into the bucket and told her to "get it".  And she happily carried it right up the stairs.  Daddy got a picture of us:


And here she is proudly holding her bucket for me:


Oh, and since we had pictures of Leil up the other day, I thought it was time to have one of Elizabeth (these are the two trainers from St. Francis that have been training us, just in case you haven't been reading).   So here are Owen and Elizabeth playing the piano this afternoon:


It was a good evening and we're looking forward to the days to come!



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