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Owen Turns Four - And Other Things

It just doesn't seem possible, but it's true - Owen turned four today.  We've gone all the way from here:


to here:


This past year has been so eventful.  He's learning to talk, learning to walk and becoming just an amazing little person.  In just the last few weeks we've been seeing huge changes.  He has learned the words "up", "out", "light" and "all done" in the last two weeks - the last three words in just the last few days.  He's had the sign for "up" and "all done" for ages, but he is now saying them.  He has also picked up the sign for "light".  Owen loves lights almost as much as he loves ceiling fans.  I think being around the other kids at school has really helped. 

Owen can now climb all the way up the stairs to his bedroom - something I will have to get video of.  He's getting stronger by the day and I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!


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