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Happy New Year!!
There actually isn't a whole lot new to report, but I try to blog every now and then so that you know we're still here.  The Onfi + Depakote combination still seems to be doing its job in keeping the seizures at bay for which we are eternally Grateful.  We've had a few run of the mill illnesses - a round of strep, some bronchitis, all the usual winter suspects, but nothing major.  For which we are also grateful. 

We went down to see the folks at CCCDP last month to check on Owen's cochlear implant.  It is working fine and they gave us some new programs to play with.  We are trying to get him a newer model because the one he has is out of warranty and is therefore a pain to fix when it breaks.  Plus the new one has a remote control and can be worn in the bath so that would be nice.

Otherwise things are chugging along.  We had a nice Christmas and I'll close with a video of Owen on New Year's Eve checking out the Christmas decorations at the mall before they took them down.  And I think this is Barbara's first appearance on the blog...Barbara has been Owen's nurse since April and she is awesome!

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