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Jigsaw and Bob
Just a quick note from this weekend.  We have been working hard on the relationship with our 12 year old mostly Malamute and Jigsaw.  The old boy definitely felt that he needed to be the "alpha male" when we got the two together.  But we have spent time taking them both on walks both outside of the enclosure that has been Bob's domain forever and inside it while they were on leash so that they would get used to each other.  There have been a lot of noses put in embarrassing places - as dogs will do - and some gradual readjusting of attitudes until we now have two dogs that like to play together.  They are still closely supervised of course, but here is a little video of the two of them today playing fetch in the front yard.  Well, Jigsaw is retrieving the toys and bringing them back to Sammy and Bob is catching them and taking them off to his house to tear apart, but they are happily playing in the yard together.

It probably hasn't hurt that I've had a pocket full of treats whenever I visit Bob these days too.  I'm sure that in his mind Jigsaw's arrival meant that Mommy now has treats.  Hey, whatever works!

Here are our two pups, totally tuckered out after a good romp in the front yard.  Jigsaw has some leaves in her fur, but I promise that she got a nice grooming later on. 


Bob's tongue is about two miles long and really looks goofy hanging off to the side. We had to make them sit down to rest - I think they would have gone at it all day if we hadn't put the toys away and made them lay down. They sure did have fun though!

Jigsaw's First Seizure Experience

Yesterday's training session started out fine, we were practicing a meet and greet at the door.  Jigsaw and I were working in the kitchen with Leil coming in the door when we heard "he's having a seizure" from the living room.  I had just finished crocheting the medicine bag that we were going to teach Jigsaw to retrieve that day, but it hadn't been hung yet and she hadn't yet learned how to find it.  But she still proved that she's a big help anyway. 

During a seizure there are a lot of things to do in a short amount of time.  We have to keep him upright and make sure that he doesn't aspirate as his seizures almost always begins with vomiting. You have to get the magnet swiped as quickly as possible.  After that you have to get out the pulse-ox and the oxygen tank. And during all of this Owen is awake and reaching out to you and you are trying to comfort him.  During this seizure Jigsaw sat next to him and he reached out to her and pet her while we did the work.  She stayed right by him, both during the seizure and while he was sleeping it off:


While Owen was sleeping - about two hours this time - we taught Jigsaw how to fetch this bag:


It is a crocheted bag that is attached to the wall with Velcro.  Inside it are a magnet, Diastat and a small pulse-ox.  In short, everything you need if you are alone with Owen during a seizure to get him through the first few minutes.  By the time he needs the oxygen he is done vomiting and the danger of aspiration has passed so that you can go get the oxygen tank. 

Here is Jigsaw getting that bag off the wall.  We are sitting having a normal conversation.  With no preamble or warning I ask her to "get the bag":

She learned that in about five minutes.  Seriously - she is really amazing. 

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