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Good News and More Good News...

The first good news is that Owen had a seizure on Superbowl Sunday.  Well, it's not good news that he had a seizure, but it is good news that the magnet was able to stop it.  No convulsions, no breathing problems.  He just threw up and then went to sleep for two hours (we are used to an 8 hour or more postictal deeply unconcious state after a seizure) and then woke up and had dinner.  A big improvement.  Yesterday we went to Duke and they increased his current. Since his background current will now be as high as the current that stopped the seizure that day, we are hopeful that we are getting into the range where it might start preventing seizures from happening.

And in even more good news we are really seeing some rapid progress in Owen's cognitive abilities.  Owen had a fair amount of background abnormal brain activity even when he was on meds in the past.  One has to wonder if the VNS hasn't calmed some of that down.  The other day I mistakenly set a whole granola bar (one of the soft ones) down too close to Owen.  I generally have to break it into pieces or he tries to shove the whole thing into his mouth, and generally succeeds.  He grabbed it, took a bite and set down the rest of the bar.  I just sat and stared at him.  We had tried forever to get him to do this without success and here he is just doing it like it was natural.  And then last week I put him down on the floor in the classroom and he crawled over to the shelves where the tubs of toys are kept.  He sat down in front of the shelf, reached up and used one hand to stabilize the tub and the other to pull it out. So instead of the whole thing dumping on the floor as soon as it cleared the front edge of the shelf, he carefully put it on the floor.  We spent months and months in OT trying to get him to stabilize with one hand and manipulate with the other with no success and yet he did it all on his own and has repeated this feat almost every day we've been in school since. 

And finally, the big kahuna:  I brought Owen's Crocodile walker into school this week so that he could start using it a lot more.  I have 5 hours a day dedicated to just working with Owen when we are at school, but at home there are 100 other distractions so I thought I'd have more success there.  I brought it in on Monday and we were gone on Wednesday and look at where we are already:

If the mat hadn't been in the way, who knows how far he would have made it. Considering I brought it in on Monday, he was too sick to use it on Tuesday and Wednesday he spent at Duke, that's not bad for two days effort at school! 

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